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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How to fill out the Technical Inspection Checklist (Selfcheck)?
    1. A: Teams fill out [YES] or [NO], the checklist is for the teams to know they are ready for inspection

  2. Q: Where do we get brake fluid
    1. A: E-Shop on site

  3. Q: Where do we get engine oil
    1. A: Distribution desk

  4. Q: How do we have to install the Joulemeter (input/output)
    1. A: See Pre-Event Installation or the Quickstartguide

  5. Q: How to install the Liquid Flowmeter
    1. A: See Pre-Event Installation or the Quickstartguide

  6. Q: How can I see the battery status of the Joulemeter
    1. A: Is shown on the display during Joulemeter power on in voltage (4.2V full / 3.7V need to charge)

  7. Q: Do the main driver and spare driver have to do the inspection separate or can they go together?
    1. A: They can come together, only the driver which passed the tests is allowed to go on the race track

  8. Q: Our battery is not arrived yet, can we queue for the inspection without it and install it as soon as it arrives?
    1. A: No

  9. Q: Do we need a red light starter?
    1. A: yes

  10. Q: Do we have to wear the yellow wests for the inspection? who has to wear it (driver, manager)?
    1. A: No

  11. Q: Is there a buggy tour for the drivers to see the track? When? Where?
    1. A: No

  12. Q: Can we have a little bit of fuel to test the engine?
    1. A: Go to fuel station at Technical Inspection

  13. Q: How long is the Technical Inspection open?
    1. A: Read in Handbook, check with Tech. Team Manager

  14. Q: What happens with the cars at inspection or in the queue when the Technical Inspection is closing?
    1. A: Team number will be noted, come back next morning or when Technical Inspection is reopened and inspection will go ahead

  15. Q: Information about schedule, showers, infos, eating
    1. A: Pit-Stop

  16. Q: Where is the mechanical workshop?
    1. A: Outside the building, facing 2pm facing Tech inspection area

  17. Q: What tooling is allowed in the paddock?
    1. A: Small tools like hand drilling machines ok, but no bigger ones or grinders (safety issue)

  18. Q: Where can I buy spares?
    1. A: Supply Shop is opposite the Pit Stop

  19. Q: Will the data from the telemetry system be available to us?
    1. A: Yes, teams receive an URL together with the telemetry equipment.

  20. Q: I have lost my pre-event documents, how to geht them?
    1. A: QR-Codes

  21. Q: Can we install a separate battery just for the telemtry system?
    1. A: Not necessary, you receive a separate battery for the telemtry system.

  22. Q: Where to get the sticker that allows us to enter the trials?
    1. A: At the end of Tech Inspection

  23. Q: Can we go to trial races without the telemetry system?
    1. A: No

  24. Q: How to install the relays / kill switch?
    1. A: Check Pre-Event Guide, Quickstart Guide

  25. Q: Where to place the Joulemeter in ICE vehicles?
    1. A: See installation guide on Student Portal (WIKI)

  26. Q: Where to place the fuse in ICE vehicles?
    1. A: See installation guide on Student Portal (WIKI)

Please ONLY post questions or comments concerning the telemetry system and data to this FAQ.


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